2nd Gold Medalist Homeo Dr & Hakeem

Hakim Subhani got 2nd Medalist and is serving all over the world more than last 17 years.

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4th Global Summit on Healthcare

The global event will bring together health ministers Director-General more than 50 countries.

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Pakistani Gold Medalist Doctor

Very famous, Herbal Medicine based clinic, where many diseases are treated with natural herbs.

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Welcome to Irani Dawakhana

Irani Dawakhana of Homeo Dr. Hakeem Rana Farid Subhani is a very famous, Herbal Medicine based clinic, where many infectious & sexual diseases are treated with natural herbs. These medicines are made with the research of more than 17 years. Irani Dawakhana of Homeo Dr. and Hakeem Rana Farid Subhani is serving the people of Pakistan and all over the world from more than the last 17 years. With the experience of more than 17 years, we can claim the results of our herbal medicine. It is our first duty to treat our patients with passion and with full devotion and care. In Irani Dawakhana of Hakeem Rana Farid Subhani, every patient is provided with special care and patient satisfaction is our first priority. If you have any kind of problem-related to your health, and you can contact us with confidence and trust. And it will be our responsibility to satisfy you and take care of your health, and it is the motto of our health care center.


Sanada Oil

It is a Penis Enlargement Oil 100% safe Ayurvedic Preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs.

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Snake Oil

Made from the oil of the Chinese water snake, which is rich in the omega-3 acids that help reduce inflammation.

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Brand Oils

This Dawakhana have many other products which you required most useful and benefit for health and everyday life.

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Men remain active and did not tired even work 14 hours a day. It need To use only one time in life these herbs remain in Men blood permanently & Breadth remain In control & increase the quantity of sperm. There are 90% chances for male baby birt

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SANDA Penis Health Oil

Sanda Oil is the best naturally available way of enlarging and strengthening the pennies without any side effects. Sanda oil make the pennies thick, hard and increase the sexual timing. Come to Iranidawakhana and Make a good future for our family.

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Snake oil use for penis

This oil need to use in the morning after brake fast, and can be wash after 4 hours with fresh water. Procedure is same as above, put some drops on upper side, left and right side of Penis.Snake oil will increase the pennies size from 1" to 4"

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Got Solution Of Erectness

German girl thanked for her husband treatment as he treated through Irani Dawakhana and got best solution for his problem.

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Patient Of Penis

After the successful treatment of her Husband, Girl thanked him to Irani Dawakhana as they have all the solutions to the problem.

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Male Infertility Treatment

Among the finest Ayurvedic in the city, Irani Dawakhana in Wazirabad, Pakistan is known for offering excellent patient care.

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Male, Female, and bloody are adjectives or behaviors and behaviors that describe men and boys. The plant, whether used in animals and humans, can be a natural, or physical, description that separates people from the idea of ​​their own power or the direct importation of double fertility. Compared to the full use of women: her old cousin; Male parts in flower. The penis is mainly related to the characteristics, characteristics or behaviors adopted by a culture or society that are most appropriate or related to men and boys. In American and Western European culture, traditionally characterized by strength, clarity, and courage: a strong handshake; Male intolerance when short. Virtual refers to the strength and power associated with mature masculinity and sometimes includes a hint of sexual or reproductive beauty: her beautiful form; The tedious journey and the virus journey Center.

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The most common symbol of female sexuality may be a circle with a small cross at the bottom. The masculine and feminine symbols originate from the Greek-written contractions of the Greek names of those planets, namely the Tauros (Mars) and the Phosphoros (Venus). It is based on people like Renkama, who show how the Greek alphabet becomes the masculine and feminine symbol still visible today. "The tour was compiled by Phosphoros, both of which are alchemists' handwriting, which contrasts with the Greek symbols we all know.

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Others Treatment

Sex physiology, sexual orientation, and sexual orientation vary according to gender and age. The cycle of sexual response is very similar in men but very different in women; The reaction of this cycle in adulthood is delayed by both sexes. Although hormones have been shown to have an effect on male sexuality, their effects on female sexuality have not been stated. Along with sexual desire, age also changes. It reaches an earlier peak in men than women, but it is also less common in men of increasing age. Over the past three decades, the number of masturbating girls has increased exponentially. The difference between sexes in terms of sexual orientation is most evident in those with sexual difficulties: men perceive their problems as physical problems in isolation, and women often see their sexual and sexual problems as related Partner or work problems.

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Male Tips

Green Tea Contains Bioactive Compounds That Improve Health. Compounds in Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function and Make You Smarter. ... Green Tea Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance. ... Antioxidants in Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Some Types of Cancer.

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Female Tips

Graying hair in kids is an increasing concern among many parents. It is not only worrisome but may also affect the child’s confidence levels. Hence, it is important that you be aware of its causes to deal with the situation appropriately. You can also try and manage the appearance of gray

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Other Tips

Most pesh-kabz use a hollow-ground, tempered steel single-edged full-tang, recurved blade with a thick spine bearing a "T" cross-section for strength and rigidity.Most pesh-kabz use a hollow-ground, tempered steel single-edged full-tang, recurved blade with a thick spine bearing a

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