Usually, Male infertility is identified after testing both partner's sexual health and the report gives a low sperm count in males. Generally, infertility is a well-known problem and for about 1 in 5 couples the problem is found in males. Irani Dawakhana is providing the best herbal male infertility treatment in Pakistan. Unlike the allopathic hard medicines, our herbal medicines are more effective with no side effects.

The problem of infertility is found more in women compared to men and such a problem can leave a person in mental stress for the entire life. The best part of this female infertility treatment in Pakistan is that it does not include any kind of physical surgery nor it has any side effects.  The herbal female dysfunction treatment in Pakistan is a lot successful compared to medical female dysfunction treatment in Pakistan mainly because of the fact that herbal treatments include natural and organic herbs which women can use without any kind of hesitation.

Health is a big concern nowadays, especially when it comes to stomach. No one is safe from stomach issues. Everyone faces it at least once. Stomach troubles also affect your food and as a result, it deeply affects your mood and attitude. Herbal treatment is much more effective and has fairly zero side effects as compared to the above-mentioned stomach problems treatments. Herbal products from Irani Dawakhana are tested many times and have a history of successful treatment of almost every stomach ailment like an ulcer.