Kasturi Pills are an excellent Ayurvedic formulation used to treat a plethora of ailments including neurological and neuromuscular disorders, fever, asthma and dyspnoea. These tablets are a powerhouse brimmed with many medicinal properties like decongestant, stomach soother and anti smoking aid. Kasturi Pills for children These little pills are excellent medicure for treating cold, cough, catarrh, influenza and ordinary mild fevers in children. It also protects the body from many harmful micro organisms the children often fall prey to. Kasturi Pills for neurological disorders Kasturi pills are often recommended to treat neurological or neuro-muscular problems like paralysis, sciatica etc. It boosts blood circulation and enhances the functionality of the nerves. Kasturi Pills for fever These pills are immensely effective in providing relief in fever with chill or rigour, fever with a cough, heaviness of head or body aches and all the symptoms related to fever.


Men remain active and did not tired even work 14 hours a day. It need To use only one time in life these herbs remain in Men blood permanently & Breadth remain In control & increase the quantity of sperm. There are 90% chances for male baby birt

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SANDA Penis Health Oil

Sanda Oil is the best naturally available way of enlarging and strengthening the pennies without any side effects. Sanda oil make the pennies thick, hard and increase the sexual timing. Come to Iranidawakhana and Make a good future for our family.

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Snake oil use for penis

This oil need to use in the morning after brake fast, and can be wash after 4 hours with fresh water. Procedure is same as above, put some drops on upper side, left and right side of Penis.Snake oil will increase the pennies size from 1" to 4"

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Got Solution Of Erectness

German girl thanked for her husband treatment as he treated through Irani Dawakhana and got best solution for his problem.

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Patient Of Penis

After the successful treatment of her Husband, Girl thanked him to Irani Dawakhana as they have all the solutions to the problem.

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Male Infertility Treatment

Among the finest Ayurvedic in the city, Irani Dawakhana in Wazirabad, Pakistan is known for offering excellent patient care.

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