Causes Of Aspermia


Two common causes of aspermia in males are mechanical inhibition ( generally in the vas deferens) and lack of sperm production in the testes. When the hallway between the testes and the prostate gland is in some way disintegrated, the testes may continue to produce sperm, but there are no physical means for the sperm to blend with glandular fluids and enter the exclaim. Males may have natural obstructions or be born without a functional hallway joining the testes and the prostate gland. The vas deferens may designedly be cut surgically in a procedure called a vasectomy as a means of birth control. Some mechanical forms of aspermia can be corrected surgically, and vasectomy is frequently reversible. In some males, sperm product noway begins, or it may cease after a fairly short period of time.

The result of aspermia is that the semen doesn’t contain any significant quantum of cellular material and is thus unable of causing the fertilization of an egg. Since the exclaim in males with aspermia isn’t cellular, there’s also veritably little DNA present that might be used in forensic testing. Males with aspermia are generally suitable to reach orgasm and exclaim, still, and are generally, thus, sexually active. At necropsy, aspermia may give suggestions to death caused by prolonged exposure to some poisons, similar to thallium, which was used in rodenticides ( rat venoms) before being banned. Also, aspermia linked in seminal fluids may help to count individualities in maternity issues, and can occasionally give primary information about possible assaulters in cases of rape.
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