Masturbation In Males

The most common form of masturbation, especially in circumcised males, is to wrap one or both hands or several fritters and thumbs around the standing penis and stroke it up and down until interjection. This action results in no direct stimulation of the head of the penis and interjection are achieved nearly entirely from stimulation of the penis shaft and its contact against the underpart of the head of the penis only. In uncircumcised males, it’s most common to grip the skin of the penis and move it up and down, performing in repeated sliding of the foreskin back and forth over the head of the penis until orgasm is reached.

Another common system is to rub the standing penis against a smooth face, similar to a mattress or pillow until interjection is reached. Less common masturbation ways include the use of an artificial vagina or other “ coitus toy.” In 2003, an Australian exploration platoon led by Graham Giles of the Cancer Council published a medical study that concluded frequent masturbation by males may help the development of prostate cancer and that it would be more helpful than interjection through sexual intercourse because intercourse can transmit conditions which can increase the threat of cancer rather.