“ Hundred drops of sweat equals one drop of blood and a hundred drops of blood equals one drop of semen”
The commonest sexual problem of men next to authority is “ spermatorrhoea”. Spermatorrhoea is medically meant as an involuntary interjection/ drooling of semen without any sexual event/ studies. Likewise, forums/ spermaturia is the discharge of semen in the urine. Typically, semen gets exclaimed in spurts only at the climax/ capstone of the sexual act. Semen loss can exhaust each and every system. So, one must treat semen loss with care to avoid dangerous after-goods. Of course, the frequentness of spermatorrhoea is adding in youths in this fantasy world. The reason behind it may be a weakened mind, due to circumstances and media ( books, Television, pictures, the Internet, etc.). This pollution has made numerous youths notice mucous discharges, indeed interjection while watching erogenous scenes, occasionally indeed while talking to glamorous girls. This weakness (incontinence) makes the mind of men miserable, since this frequency frequently causes early interjection without any satisfying sexual exertion, indeed with the touch of the mate. One should be apprehensive of semen and sperm – its origin, its ingredients, and its functions – to understand the goods of spermatorrhoea in a better way.

For males, attaining puberty is claimed by the product of manly coitus hormones (testosterone) and sperm in the testis. So, the testis is the organ responsible for mannishness. Seminiferous tubules in the testis produce sperms and throw them into the genital tract for interjection. Sperm arising from the seminiferous tubules of the testis gets collected in the storehouse (epididymis) and latterly joins with the other concealment of colorful glands to reach the ejaculatory conduit as semen. The ejaculatory conduit ejaculates everything through the penile urethra at the time of orgasm ( heightened sexual excitement) Libido ( cerebral feeling for moods of coitus) and interjection of semen bring orgasm to men. The vigorous movements, muscular condensation, metrical kickback compression in glands, changes in a twinkle, blood pressure, respiration, feeling the heat with excitement, and interjection create the feeling of orgasm. Coitus gives enjoyable fatigue after an interjection. But, more coitus frequently causes weakness and complications.