Semen Analysis

Semen should be analyzed after sexual abstinence of 3-5 days. Also, it’s better to have seminal analysis without emphatic exercises, smoking, and drinking alcohol.
1) Normal color of the semen is whitish opaque. Infection may change its color with pus cells and blood cells.
2) The semen is always alkaline in nature i.e., pH –7.3 –7.8. This alkalinity, which is substantially due to prostatic concealment, helps in negativing the acid vagina for the survival of the sperm with its motility and fertility.
3) Also, assaying the presence of fructose in the semen gives an idea about inhibition in the pathway and directs treatment options in cases of gravidity.
4) Assaying the sperm count and its morphology aids in the treatment of gravidity Less thick semen ( watery) will be generally of poor quality in ingredients.